The Millay Sisters – August 23

To celebrate her 100th anniversary, I will be performing a “Cabaret” show in Stonington, about Edna St. Vincent Millay July 23rd. I am music director and will be at the piano, for the first time in public for a really long time. The music is from the period and jazz standards with a few classical things thrown in. I am performing with 2 wonderful actresses, Margi Sharp Douglas and Rachel Murdy who I met at Camp when I was 15 years old. Isn’t that amazing!

Margi Sharp Douglas and Rachel Murdy as Norma and Vincent

Margi Sharp Douglas and Rachel Murdy
as Norma and Vincent

She walks into the first rehearsal meeting and I think, “you look really familiar.” I went home and I remembered who she reminded me of. When we met again I asked her if she went to camp in NH, she goes “Oh My God! PETER!” I am so glad to have reconnected with her. Both her and Margi are incredible actresses and sirens.


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