Independent Opera Alliance

My latest project has been teaming up with Gina Crusco head of Underworld productions, and Cori Ellison, faculty member at American Lyric Theater and New York City Opera’s dramaturg from 1997-2010 to create an opera organization for the New York area, the New York Opera Alliance.

We already have 19 opera organization on board, American Lyric Theater, American Opera Projects, Beth Morrison Projects, Chelsea Opera, Encompass Opera, Gotham Chamber Opera, Opera Moderne, Operamission, Opera Oggi, Opera Omnia, Vertical Player Repertory, Underworld Productions Opera.

One of our goals is to create an Opera Festival in New York.


One thought on “Independent Opera Alliance

  1. Hi Peter,
    Spoke with Cori the other day, and would like dell’Arte Opera Ensemble to be “#20.” Sorry to take so long to come around to it….we’re just now starting to change our operations from surviving day-to-day to looking towards the future. Cori mentioned dues are $75, and I’m wondering what I can do to move the cause forward, and want obviously to know more about what the organization will try and do. all best, Chris Fecteau

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