Indie Opera Podcast

Noah Lethbridge and I have teamed up to start the Indie Opera Podcast, we have had a great time putting the first one together and we are now working on the second one. It is available on iTunes, please subscribe. For more information visit our website!

The Indie Opera Podcast.

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Burt Dow Deep Water Man

Great photos posted on flickr, from “Burt Dow Deep Water Man” at Operahouse Arts in Stonington, ME.

Burt Dow deep out in the ocean.

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VPR – The Tales of Hoffmann on BBC

A clip from the Vertical Player Repertory appeared on the BBC in a documentary about the financial collapse that was occurring across the river as we were performing on a gorgeous evening. It was a last hurrah before America’s Panic attack that has led to so much turmoil.

[View clip on YouTube]

A last hurrah before economic collapse.

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